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Best 100 Social Bookmarking Sites

social bookmarking sites

Best Social Bookmarking Sites to drive quality traffic to site

  • What is Social Bookmarking?

  • Things to have before doing social bookmarking

  • How to do Social Bookmarking?

As we have learnt in the Search Engine Optimization process, along with on Page SEO, creating a site authority is equally essential. 

Social Bookmarking, one of the techniques in off-page SEO, helps bring traffic on-site and create authority by getting backlinks from other sites on the internet.

In social bookmarking, we submit web page links on social sites. Bookmark term indicates posting it so that other users can easily find it and visit a site if it interests them.

On the internet, social bookmarking sites are websites that allow users to share a variety of web pages and blog posts as well as videos, photos, and articles.

It’s an excellent method for users to manage, categorize, search for, and keep several relevant web sites those users has previously visited and want to share or revisit.

Social bookmarking sites primarily help with website traffic as those platforms are used by a number of users who visit different sites for content that fascinate them.

When you are featured on or have information shared on a bookmarking site, it not only establishes a backlink to your site, but it can also result in significant boosts in traffic.

Most social bookmarking sites offer “No follow” Backlinks. I.e. only users can visit a site and not the crawlers. No follow backlinks does not add up that much value in ranking as it does not pass “Link Juice”.

Try to get “do follow” backlinks from other sites, allowing crawlers to visit your site and pass a link juice resulting in rank improvement of the site.

Never forget to check PA, DA & Spam scores before submissions.

Activate “Moz bar extension” in the browser to display PA, DA & Spam scores correctly. Avoid making submissions on irrelevant, highly spammy sites and with less authority.

social bookmarking sites

I personally prefer websites with PA, DA more than 25 and Spam score less than 10 for submission.

Most of the social bookmarking sites automatically fetch metadata associated with web links. But sometimes they don’t. It will be good practice to keep documents handy, having submission data like title, description, keywords or tags and a web page Link.

Steps to start Social Bookmarking –

  1. Create one Document containing all submission required metadata.
  2. Create one spreadsheet to keep track of all the submissions you will perform as a record of work.
  3. Refer to the below-filtered links for submission.
  4. Activate “MOZBAR” Extension
  5. Click on the links one by one, check PA, DA & Spam scores.
  6. Then find the option “sign up” or “join now”. Keep in mind social bookmarking sites require account creation. Once an account is created, you can submit multiple links for the same or different businesses.
  7. After creating an account, try to find options like “share link, submit a link, add site, create pin etc. Each website has a different interface, and so do options. Use some logic to find an option where you can submit a link, and that is your link submission.
  8. Each time you submit a link, the link goes live and comes up with a share option that can be collected as a live link.

Here is the list of best 100 social bookmarking sites –

We’ve looked into the digital world, and what we’ve found is that it’s huge. One of the many useful strategies for increasing your brand’s online presence is social bookmarking.

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