Top 10 digital marketing jobs & career opportunities in 2022

Digital marketing jobs & career opportunities to explore in 2022

The Internet is a topic of interest for everyone. We use the Internet for almost everything, starting from entertainment to shopping for clothes, from socializing with peers to searching for what is needed. The Internet has occupied our lives in a true sense.

On the other side, we are customers of businesses who are using the Internet for everything. And this is an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their product and services to the users who are using various platforms on the Internet. 

This made it evident for businesses to use the Internet and platforms on it to reach potential buyers. And this is where “Digital Marketing” came into the picture.

Digital marketing makes use of the Internet and its different resources to raise brand awareness among online users, attract and engage them with brand stories, and eventually persuade them to purchase a product or service.

This technology integration in business promotion generated demand for expert personnel. Today in this article, we will discuss what digital marketing career options are available after the digital marketing course completion.


What are digital marketing jobs available in the market after a digital marketing course?

To have a good-paying career, you need two necessary things. Skills and Experience. But to start a career in digital marketing, you need a basic skill set and are ready to rock the field.

Digital marketing comes up with various internet marketing techniques to increase the online visibility of brands. You can learn all the techniques and methods during digital marketing courses in Pune. And later on, decide on a particular technique to master and become an expert.

But those techniques need hands of experimentation to deliver a result. So you can start with Digital Marketing Internship –


  • Digital Marketing Internship

The Internship is a practical learning approach where you work on live digital marketing projects. Here you get a chance to apply all the digital marketing skills that you have learned through the digital marketing course. Course and Internship both you can pursue online or offline. Depending upon your convenience and availability of resources.

There are a lot of digital marketing internship opportunities available in the market. For brands, digital marketing interns are cost-effective ways to start with digital promotion.

You can join a digital marketing course with a paid internship or search online for digital marketing internships.

Make a good resume and start applying on,, There are many recruiters out there who are looking for enthusiastic digital marketing interns.

Some companies require interns to present at the company site. Some companies offer work from home digital marketing internships depending upon their company policies. You can check all the details while applying for the Internship. As companies mention all the details in the digital marketing internship job description.

The average pay scale offered to digital marketing interns varies as per industry and work assigned. It starts from 2k to up to 15k per month. And internship duration can be from 1 month to 6 months.


  • Digital Marketing jobs for freshers

Some job profiles in the market require prior work experience. It became difficult for freshers to apply and get selected for such profiles. And they need to start as a trainee or intern and then continue to a full-time profile. 

However, digital marketing is a flexible career option in which appropriate experience can add a few thousands to your income, but newcomers can also start a career without having to hustle.

One can complete online/Classroom digital marketing training and apply for digital marketing jobs open for freshers. 

There are various job openings in digital marketing, out of which you can choose any as per your interest and digital skill expertise.

Some of them are as follows –


1. Digital marketing executive –

Anyone who has done a digital marketing course or has a relevant skillset can apply for a digital marketing executive position. Digital marketing executives need to perform all kinds of digital activities for brands like Search engine optimization, Social media management, content writing, keyword research and many more.

This is an entry-level position where one can experiment with which technique or platform performs well for a brand. And can develop marketing strategies accordingly.

digital marketing jobs and career opportunity with salary

Salary for the position varies city as well company wise. Still average per annum salary for digital marketing executives in India is between 1.8 LPA to 3 LPA. Some MNCs can offer more salary based on interview performance, certifications and any other recruitment criteria.

2. Social media Marketing Manager

A social media marketing manager is a next level profile that requires some previous social media management experience. Social media managers represent brands on social media through content strategies. He needs to overlook the online reputation of the brand.

The average salary range for social media marketers is from 18k – 32k per month in metro cities like Pune, Mumbai with 1-2 years of experience.

3. Content Writer

Marketing is no more pitching your product to users. It became all about educating users, understanding their problems and providing them with a solution. 

In all aspects of marketing, content plays an important role. No digital marketing technique comes alone. All techniques are incorporated with content to deliver a solid message to users. It includes writing blogs, captions, ad copies and other types of content meant for users.

Content is considered a king in the digital marketing world. Demand for unique, engaging, and fresh content is high and hence content creation is one of the highest-paid job profiles in digital marketing. 

Starting salary can be from 15k for fresher content writers. As with experience, there will be pay growth. Some freelance content writers charge from Rs. 0.50 paisa to Rs. 10 per word. Experienced content writers earn well.

4. PPC expert

PPC expert is a marketer who manages paid marketing campaigns on the Internet. Starting from a digital marketing executive, you can be a PPC expert within 2-3 years by excelling in campaign management skills for optimized performance.

PPC manager is one of the lucrative profiles in digital marketing. One can easily earn between 22k – 45k with 2-3 years of experience.

5. SEO specialist

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In SEO, various techniques and methods are implemented to improve website visibility on search engines.

There are majority openings in SEO profiles as this particular technique does not require any budgeting. It is an entirely organic and cost-effective procedure. 

digital marketing jobs and career opportunity with salary

SEO specialists earn between 25k to 42k per month on average with 1-3 years of experience. 

Freshers who have recently completed a digital marketing course can begin their digital marketing careers as SEO executives, progressing to SEO specialists after 1-2 years of experience.


6. Web Analyst

Every marketing activity needs to be analyzed for ROI. Insights collected through marketing are used for performance improvement. Web analysts analyze all the marketing channels & data collected through it, process it with relevant tools, and develop marketing suggestions.

It is a senior level profile, where candidates with 2-4 years of experience can earn from 40k to 67k per month.

7. Email Marketer

Email marketing is an essential digital marketing technique to reach online users. Email marketers educate, update users through mail about the company, products, offers & benefits.

His main task includes creating email databases, drafting emails, nurturing prospects through email campaigns.

Email marketer is again a high paying digital marketing job. Per annum package for an email marketer can be up to 12 LPA with relevant experience.

As a pandemic effect and latest work policies establishments, many firms offer work from home opportunities. And in any case, digital marketing jobs do not require physical presence unless required by the company.

One can check before applying whether companies offer digital marketing jobs that work from home or require onsite presence.

Digital marketing career opportunities 

As discussed earlier, there are many digital marketing specialized profiles available if you have done a digital marketing course and want to pursue full-time digital marketing jobs. Pay scale is also comparatively reasonable.

But apart from a full-time job, digital marketing also offers you freelancing opportunities where you can work as per convenience and become a freelance digital marketing expert.


8. Freelance digital marketing –

Freelance digital marketers need to build a portfolio with relevant experience to get clients. Freelancers get paid on a project basis; sometimes, rates are decided on an hourly basis. Expert freelancers can earn easily up to 25k-75k per month.

Freelance content writers charge per word, and rates start with 0.50 paisa and can go up to Rs.25 per word if one is experienced.

9. Blogging, affiliate marketing, youtube

If you know how digital marketing methods work, you don’t need to worry about income. Using digital marketing tools and techniques, you can work on your passion & interest and can start earning. 

You don’t need to work for others constantly. You can still earn by pursuing your passion.

If you have good writing skills, you can start blogging. If you have good social connections, you can earn through affiliate programs by referring good products to online users searching for them. A youtube – most extensive video network can help you to monetize your video content.

Just focus on learning the right ways to get results. You can join any digital marketing institute to get proper guidance or learn through digital marketing tutorials on youtube.

10. Business promotion 

Without marketing, no business will sustain itself. If you know how to market a product, you can choose any of the above career options to help others to grow. Or can start your own business and implement all the digital marketing strategies you have learnt so far.


What is the average digital marketing salary?

Again, to sum up, what we learnt, Digital marketing has vast scope in the present and future markets. As per a survey by IITM, by 2022, India will need at least 1,20,000 digital marketers. 

Digital marketing has tremendous career growth. You can begin with a digital marketing internship and work on real-world projects before moving on to a full-time entry-level position as a digital marketing executive.

Here is the average salary range per year of experience with some expertise.

digital marketing jobs and career opportunity with salary

This is trending as well as the latest technology-based career field. Luckily it doesn’t have an entry barrier as there are no hard and fast criteria to enter. Supply is low, and demand is high. 

If you are looking for the best career option with a high paying salary, enroll for a digital marketing course and upgrade yourself.