5 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips (That Actually Work)

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is all about using professional networks to spread the word about your business, get more qualified leads, and work with brands and people who are good for your company. And this all can be done organically and through paid promotion features.

After the massive growth of technology and internet facility, online behaviour has become familiar with search engines and social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all popular because they are easy to use and have a lot of great features for networking. This makes the trio very popular with both users and advertisers.

But due to the importance and effectiveness of professional networking, especially in the B2B segment, LinkedIn also grew popularity quickly. And soon, LinkedIn became one of the most sought platforms in brand marketing strategies.

linkedin marketing

Why is marketing on LinkedIn important?

Social media marketing is described as the practice of utilizing social media platforms to enhance brand visibility, user engagement, and eventually revenue growth through a variety of strategies.

Not including LinkedIn Marketing into a brand’s social media strategy can significantly disadvantage business. If your company wants to get more customers, LinkedIn is a great way to do it. It’s the world’s biggest professional network, and it generates more leads than Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn helps you build your professional network by connecting with people who share your interests, letting you share your knowledge through professional content, and letting you find good leads for your business.

Also, this can be an excellent platform for human resources requirements. We can announce job vacancies here and attract a talent pool for the company.

In short, LinkedIn marketing is a fantastic marketing approach for any business to grow substantially. Here are some techniques to use LinkedIn effectively in your social media marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices

  • Create business profile
  • Optimize business profiles
  • Create exciting and professionally informative content
  • Use hashtags. 
  • Post consistently
  • Engage with followers
  • Ask them questions
  • Help them professionally

5 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips (That Actually Work)

#1: Create a company profile

Having an online presence on any digital platform is a must-have thing for marketing. How can LinkedIn be an exception?

Each platform has different features for business marketing, and those can be accomplished through company pages. Individuals have accounts, and brands have company pages to manage their promotions.

Create company pages, optimize them with the necessary information, and you are ready to go! 

#2: Post actionable content

Try to help people through your content strategy. Start posting quality content that can resonate with their needs. Share content that will boost their knowledge help them professionally grow. 

Posting well-spaced quality content consistently will help reach and connect with your followers. Along with informative content, update followers about the company and its offerings, which will help followers to learn about the brand. 

About 87% of users buy from brands that they know earlier. Connecting with your followers on a good note will help to develop trust.

#3: Use the Matched Audiences feature

Along with organic promotion features through pages, LinkedIn also offers paid marketing features for businesses to reach specific audiences. Sponsored in Mail allows you to post content, run text ads, or send messages to specific individuals. 

In addition, you can retarget people who have already been in your sales funnel with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences tool. With Matched Audiences, LinkedIn’s advertising platform becomes more effective. You can retarget people who have visited your website, upload your existing accounts, and even add email contacts with LinkedIn ads.

#4: Search for individuals

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn Marketing is all about building professional relations through networking and getting sales. So what do we require here? A connection that can help us to achieve a professional goal. In most cases, one connection with business and deal is closed.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn came up with a search feature. But it is more powerful than any of them because it helps you find people based on their mutual connections, their location, their professional designations, and even the name of the company where they work.

We can make a connection request or use linked in’s premium InMail tool to introduce ourselves after finding a suitable person. And through regular communication, we can achieve our professional objective. 

The purpose is to identify and build professional contacts that will benefit the business.

#5: Leverage groups

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn Groups are an excellent resource for connecting with and communicating with other people in your field who share your interests.

It is a community where people who share common interest can start a conversation and talk to people who will benefit from it.

Create your own group, invite people to be a part of it, or join groups that are already popular and active.


LinkedIn Being a professional networking site has a high potential for businesses to grow and expand their business through LinkedIn Marketing. Create a company presence in the form of a company page. People will see your page if it’s well-optimized and you post good content there. You can also use paid features and join groups where you can talk with other professionals.

After all those consistent practices, you will see an increased follower base, website traffic and more leads for the business. And all those results you can measure through relevant KPI’s