Top 5 Tips to Build Personal Brand & Boost Your Career

Personal Brand – A Key to professional success

You’ve probably wondered why specific individuals in your field seem to rise out of nowhere and achieve fame. These professionals receive widespread media attention, deliver keynote speeches at prestigious conferences, and attract premium clients. 

Is it possible that these individuals are more intelligent than the rest of us? 

OR, do they have done some personal Branding to grow professionally.

In the pre-internet era, your personal brand was simply a business card that you carried with you. Unless you were well-known in the media or someone prominently featured as the face of advertising, few people were likely to be familiar with your name. 

In today’s extremely open society, where every small activity is debated in great detail on social media, you are significantly less anonymous than you used to be.

Today in this article, we will learn about building a personal brand using digital marketing platforms.


  • What exactly does Personal Branding mean?

Build a personal brand

Your personal brand is the way you market yourself. Your unique blend of talents, experience, and personality is what you want the rest of the world to see when they meet you. Personal Branding is speaking up your story and how it reflects your behavior, attitude, spoken and unspoken words, and thoughts.

Your personal brand is the image that others have of you in the professional world. It can be a combination of how people see you in person, how the media depicts you, and the impression that people make of you based on information about you that is readily available on the internet.

Now you have two options: you may disregard your personal brand and allow it to evolve organically, possibly chaotically, and outside of your control, or you can develop your personal brand to portray you as the person you want to be.

When it comes to developing your personal brand, content should highlight the unique aspects you bring to the table. Finally, you must convince prospective clients that you are the only solution to their problem. And by focusing on quality rather than quantity, your content will have a lot better chance of differentiating out.

Personal Branding covers everything: your reputation, how others view you, and how highly they regard your knowledge. In short, developing a distinctive personal brand opens professional doors and is the only long-term strategy for differentiating oneself from your competition.


  • Why do we need personal Branding?

Your personal brand is quite crucial to your professional success. It is how you portray yourself to current and prospective clientele. It allows you to assure that people see you the way you want them to, rather than in some arbitrary way.

It provides you with the opportunity to showcase your abilities and ambitions. It makes people believe they know you better, and people have much more trust in individuals they think they know, even if they have never met you in person.

If you want to get recognized as prominent & influential, you must have a strong personal brand. Your unique brand allows you to stand out from the crowd. You can use your personal brand to showcase your competence and expertise in your field.

Your personal brand is what makes you distinctive in many ways. Your personal brand is what distinguishes you from the hundreds of other people who are just like you.


  • How digital marketing helps in building a personal brand? 

If you want to get known for your skills and knowledge, you need to reach an audience who might need your help. More and more people are using the internet to get solutions to their problems. So to reach them, you can use various digital marketing techniques and platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. On digital media, you can create brand awareness campaigns, educate the audience, solve their problems and finally can get known for your skills and expertise.

Here are some digital marketing techniques to grow personal brand:


  • Use of social media platforms

Build a personal brand using social media

Brands frequently work relentlessly to maximize their online presence and revenue through social media. They expect increased clicks and likes, as well as a great user experience.

However, what happens when a brand is a person rather than a business?

 When it’s just you, growing your business through social media requires a different approach. Over 90% of buyers trust information from people they know when purchasing; developing personal relations with your audience may be the most effective strategy to establish trust and authority.

You can use social media platforms to grow networks, reach more users. This can be done most simply as follow:

  • Create and update profiles on social media platforms where you want to target users.
  • Choose an area of expertise for which you want to get known.
  • Create quality content consistently, share it with users.
  • Join groups, participate in discussions, deliver knowledge, engage with fellow users


  • Personal Website or Portfolio

Build a personal brand

If you are a content creator or an influencer, having a personal website or portfolio site is an add on benefit. Websites or portfolios will highlight/showcase your work, achievements. Which will help hiring managers, clients, users take rational decisions. 

You can create your website without coding on,, etc.

Having a personal website that tells the story you want to tell can make all the difference between you and a competing candidate when getting the job you want.

Whether it’s a single-page site or a more extensive portfolio, the web resume is a unique way of sharing information and displaying your technical expertise. All types of job searchers can deploy it.


  • Video Marketing

Build a personal brand

Video marketing continues to grow in popularity. Today, video content appears to be one of the most effective methods for businesses to promote themselves on social media and beyond. 

We know pictures can speak a thousand words; you can imagine what well-scripted video can do if pictures can.

Videos help consumers understand who you are and strengthen your brand. Video helps to develop trust by putting a face and a voice to a name. This is why video works for Personal Branding. It allows people to get to know you better.

Through video, you can easily connect with your audience. To be effective with video marketing as a personal branding strategy, you need to develop a plan to deliver content. 

How can you build a personal brand through Video content?

  • Share a Story
  • Solve Users Problem
  • Interview Experts

Choose a niche, create content, engage your audience, and share video content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


  • Podcast

Build a personal Brand

Investing time in developing a distinctive personal brand is a wise decision for any entrepreneur or thought leader in their business. And podcasting is one of the most effective methods to accomplish this. 


Because the human voice is the most powerful sound, it instantly connects the audience with the brand.

Podcasting for personal Branding establishes an unmatched intimacy with your audience. Your listeners will feel as if they know you, even if you have never met in person.

Blogs, public speaking, and video are all excellent tools for developing your personal brand. However, we’re going to explore why podcasting is the most intimate and consumable content medium for personal Branding in our next blog.


  • Email Marketing

Build a Personal Brand

Emails, for the majority of individuals, are probably not as fascinating as Snapchat or Instagram. After all, email lacks filters and narratives; it is merely a basic mode of communication.

However, this does not prevent it from being a valuable component of your marketing or Personal Branding. This is because email, although not attractive, is a necessary component of our digital lives. And with the correct tools, emails can be engaging and exciting. 

Instead of relying on email as a means of promoting your business, consider utilizing it to build your brand. Email is a terrific approach to tell your audience about yourself, offer your insights and ideas, and become an inspiration and expert in the eyes of your audience.


Building a personal brand can help create a person’s identity among audiences and open up new career and business opportunities. Digital marketing can help you set up apart from the competition, target a specific audience & reach more people who can benefit you professionally.